Titles: Cross the cloud nº 1 to 33
Technical: Chinese ink on rice and bamboo paper, wires and elements poetic objects.
Dimensions: 133 x 66 cm
Years: 2016-2017

The Project «Shanghai Gates / Cross the cloud» has been inspired by the Yuyuan Garden of Shanghai, that consists of 33 DOOR ARTWORKS. The suggestive doors that happen in the multiple corridors that traverse the dependencies built inside the enclosure, are full of suggestions and disturbing architectural forms, where the «lintel» has a conceptual reading that links us the form with the scope in which we are introduced. Possibly the first western artist who tries to introduce himself and learn from Chinese culture, drawing inspiration from the magic of the Yuyuan Garden.
Why the number of 33 gates?. Corresponds to the number of vertebrae holding the human body (spine). As a metaphor for verticality, resistance, harmony and beauty, along with resisting the passage of time. And the fragility of the transfer/passing of a plane to another both physical, spiritual and of knowledge.

The Yuyuan is a private garden that was built during the Ming dynasty on behalf of Pan Yuduan, and which was completed in 1577, after twenty years of located in the old part of the city. With a surface of 20,000 m2, it is one of the best exponents of what is considered a typical Chinese garden. Originally both the pond and the Huxinting Tea House were part of the Yuyuan garden. When built during the Ming dynasty this building was known as the Fuyi Pavilion and was used as a gathering place by textile traders in the area. This is characterized by having rocky areas (beads), small ponds, pavilions, wooded areas, bamboo, incense burners, sculptures typical plants such as chrysanthemums, and decorated walls that circle.After being remodelled in the year 1785, it was later, in 1855, when it became a tea house. Since then, the Huxingting Tea House has become one of the most charismatic places in Shanghai.

Barcelona, November 26, 2017